Traversing Diversity: Namaste 2020

Namaste 2020: Global Utsava of Indian Soft Power

Traversing Dimensions

September 06, 2020, Sunday | 05:30 - 07:00 PM IST

From the tales of travelers to ancient India, to the curated offerings of modern day tour circuits, to the mystic experiences of Yoga, India has a lot to offer. Soft power is most potent when on a visit to India, and is experienced first-hand… from vistas of gully cricket, to hot piping chai to the visions of snow-clad Himalayas, to
a fortuitous sighting of the Bengal Tiger.

Special Guest: Dr. Usha R K, Director ICCR, Moscow, Russia

Chair: Mr. Aayush Rathi, Co-founder Roobaroo Walks (India) – Crafting Trails Across India


  • Ms. Philipa Kaye, Author, Founder and Managing Director of Indian Experiences (UK) – Travelling through a Different India
  • Ms. Mariellen Ward, Professional Travel Writer (Canada) – Writing Indian Travel Diaries
  • Ms. Rashmi Sawant, Founder, Culture Aangan (India) – Curating Experiential Tourism
  • Mr. Vaibhav Chauhan, Director, Sahapedia (India) – History through Heritage Walks