Swami Sivananda at 123…The Happiest Man by Bharatbala

By Varsha Ramachandran

Virtual Bharat’s latest in a 1000 film journey of the untold stories of India, takes us to
Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, this International Yoga Day. The film tells the story of Swami
Sivananda, an old man, who when asked his age, grins at the camera stating with
pride…“I am? 123!” Born on August 8, 1896, Swami Sivananda is today, 124 years old,
making him the oldest living man on the planet! The Guinness Book of World Records
has yet to certify him the longest living man.

Just as a lot of Indians, even decades younger, Swami Sivananda has no official
verification of his birth, save for a temple register that has his birth listed under this date.
India’s passport authorities have used this as a confirmation of his age. He jabs at both
his passport and Aadhaar card when the team asks him if he has anything to actually
prove his age. He adds, with confidence, “if you want proof, you can bring a doctor!”

With ageless grace, and a sharp sense of humour, he takes the team through his daily
routine. Two solid hours of yoga, two simple meals a day comprising of dal, roti and
sabzi (vegetables) and the rest of his time reading the Gita. To him, it is this discipline
and simplicity that has allowed him to live up to this ripe age. “Yoga brings mental
peace and happiness”, he says as he also states that he has no desire, disease or
depression—the 3 Ds that he has no time or space in his life for.

Yoga for him is the key to a happy life. Swami Sivananda lost his parents by the age of 6
and was then taken under the wing of a spiritual guide who took him around the world.
His eyes gleam as he rattles of the long list of countries he has been to…Luxembourg,
Austria, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands…almost 50 in total! That was his introduction to
yoga. To this day, he practices yoga, and the film depicts his stunningly supple body at
this inspiring age.

He laughs as we ask him what the key to a long life is, and says, “this is the kalyug;
everyone is greedy. It is impossible to live for 123 years!” It is with this cheer that Swami
Sivananda goes about his day, claiming he has no time for anything apart from this: “I
am, not only the oldest, but also the happiest living man in the world!” A man who has
lived through almost two pandemics now, smiles bright as he tells the world that
happiness and simplicity are what keep him going. A story of joy, simplicity, and
humour, this film shows us there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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