Namaste 2021 – A Celebration of Indian Soft power

Namaste 2021 – A Celebration of Indian Soft power

India' soft power is underpinned by its civilizational heritage and cultural prowess. India’s diverse yet coherent cultural fabric spreads across the length and breadth of the country. Furthermore, the rise of India’s global stature in recent decades at various multilateral forums, the increasing popularity of Yoga and Ayurveda, and the world community embracing Namaste as a greeting during the ongoing pandemic are some of the most evident examples of Indian soft power.

Indian civilizational thought is rooted in the idea of co-existence with mother nature rather than conquering it. In this sense, the “practice of soft power is embellished in India’s core identity that dates back to millennia, even though the term is comparatively new in the foreign policy and cultural discourse.

Namaste 2021 will once again bring together diplomats, cultural ambassadors and thought leaders to talk about the scope and diversity of India's great traditions.

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