Lecture by Shri Kiran Vadlamani at IIAS Shimla on Strategies for Leveraging India’s Soft Power

Hari Kiran Vadlamani is a venture investor and a social entrepreneur based out of Singapore. He is the founder of Indic Academy (IA), an institution that is seeking to build a renaissance based on Indic civilisational thought.
Abstract of the lecture:-
India should leverage its rich civilisational heritage to not just become a top soft power, but recognise it as a means to economic power and prosperity. Countries endowed with natural resources develop strategies for harnessing the same for the economic benefit of its citizens, India should also treat its culture as a resource that can be used a significant means of prosperity. Global consumer demand for ideas originating from India is growing but not being fully serviced by us. Much like how we could tap into the potential for software services in the 90s through a strategic push by the Industry as well as the Government, similarly, there is an urgent need to develop strategies for harnessing our cultural resources and delivering authentic and immersive products, services and experiences.