Ayurveda’s Results Are Nothing Short of Miraculous: Yazdi

Ayurveda’s Results Are Nothing Short of Miraculous: Yazdi

Yazdi J B’s interest in alternative medicine was triggered in the UK, by his mother’s medical issues and later by his own. He learnt about Ayurveda when he travelled to Malaysia and for the last 20 years has been receiving Ayurvedic treatment. In this conversation with CSP he talks about the miracles he has experienced with Ayurveda.

Where and when did you first come across Ayurveda?

My interest in alternative medicine was triggered in the UK, by the lack of options available to my late mother's medical issues. Later on I too had my own medical issues and was referred to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner. He was of Jewish French origin from Morocco but an ardent seeker of Indian Spirituality. My experience with TCM was very enriching and restored my health somewhat.

Years later my family and I moved to Singapore where TCM was readily available but was further introduced to Homeopathy. There I met Dr Rangachari, a great practitioner, who single handedly set up an institute, endorsed by the Singapore Government, to teach and certify practitioners. Later on during my trips to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I learnt about Ayurveda from a centre started by Dr Siby. I found that this system of natural progression in health care resonated with my own understanding of health. Henceforth, all my healthcare needs for the past 20 years have been based on Ayurveda alone and I have been actively promoting Ayurveda to all my friends and family as an alternative to Allopathy.


This bench is a favourite of Yazdi's because of the inscription

Where there issues you were struggling with which made you turn to Ayurveda?

In 2012 I was diagnosed with a condition that required surgery and hip replacement with supposedly no other options available. I was already physically quite weak and felt that surgery at this time would be a challenge. I consulted with a team of Ayurveda practitioners at Vaidyagrama-a Healing Village near Coimbatore and they assured me that this condition was treatable with Ayurveda. Having considered all other options, I felt that the natural approach, which I preferred, offered by Ayurveda and my confidence in Vaidyagrama was the best option.

What was treatment you received and how did your body respond to it?

Treatments are customised to each individual's medical condition. Internal medicines including Herbal Decoctions, external treatments – including Medicated Oils, Medicated Milk or Medicated Rice therapy.

Daily treatments are monitored by both the doctors and therapists and if necessary will be revised according to the body's response to that particular treatment.

Over a period of two years, my condition which was diagnosed as stage 4 after MRI and CT scan, began to show considerable improvement! At the end of my second course of treatment and prior to my third the scans showed NO EVIDENCE of the original condition. I believe medical practitioners do not believe that it is possible to re-grow a hip joint, it can only be a miracle! The Radiologist was reluctant to sign-off on my scan report as he could not reconcile my earlier and final scan. He requested to see and examine me as such a case was unknown to him and wanted to ensure he had investigated personally and seek confirmation what treatment I had undertaken, it was AYURVEDA.

On completions of treatments, rest and some lifestyle approaches are recommended, along with herbs may be prescribed. I try my best to follow recommendations and continue to consult the Vaidya Siby in Malaysia.

Do you share your experience with people? Are people inspired to try out Ayurveda?

Initially I felt that my health was a personal matter but was encouraged by my family's support. I saw many of my friends suffering with ailments and who are unaware or knew very little of alternative treatments. So I started sharing my own experience with them and found that a small percentage were willing to seriously explore Ayurveda.

Does Ayurveda offer other benefits apart from healing ailments?

As you know Ayurveda is a science of living, it has many simple and easy to follow practices to maintain health. We have all heard Wealth is Health. We need to focus more on prevention rather than cure. Ayurveda offers many good life style approaches that focus on building immunity. If immunity is strong the impact of many illnesses can be minimised.

How did you choose which practioner to go to?

This was based on recommendations and making my own enquiries amongst practitioners of Ayurveda. Take the time and effort to assess whomsoever you feel confident with. Then be aware of the tendency of the mind to create doubt. For me I found a team of dedicated of Vaidyas at Vaidyagrama, moreover here the environment for healing has been thoughtfully developed. Vaidyagrama has been designed as a natural healing environment with use of natural materials for its construction and daily maintenance, use of Vastu to enhance healing, along with Renewable approaches to energy and utilities. No air conditioning or TV, mobile and connectivity with limited access and most of all simple diet selected from natural local produce (another principle of Ayurveda: eat local and seasonal). There are daily Satsangs with Vaidyas to educate oneself on many aspects of healthy living.

During a period when one may be going through intensive treatments it may affect the body, and emotions may surface. Daily prayers by the physicians conducted by themselves are important too. All these contributes significantly towards being in a SPACE of healing where one can feel connected to healing energies.

To maintain health is now a priority for me and I have been visiting Vaidyagrama near Coimbatore annually for the past nine years. It is located in a serene environment where simple living itself is rejuvenating surrounded.

Do you also practice Yoga?

Yes, I started two years ago as Vaidyas encouraged me after regaining my health. I was introduced to a wonderful yoga teacher and his trained teachers who have a great understanding and care of human physiology at Manasa Yoga in Kuala Lumpur. I am still only a beginner but see the value of this for one's wellbeing. I wonder why this wasn't taught to all children, a missed opportunity. I'm sure this would have enhanced my concentration and restlessness in my studies as a youth and in life, perhaps even prevented some health issues with an enhanced quality of life.

I strongly believe Traditional Healing sciences like Pranayama, Yoga and Ayurveda have a great global contribution to make if only it were not clouded with some misconceptions as religious practices. At times some friends have been inspired by my healing story but feel this option will not be open to them due to their own religious beliefs. There is a need for clarity on how these sciences are communicated by all stakeholders if this science is to benefit all of humanity.

(Websites:   www.vaidyagrama.com and www.punarnavacommunity.org)