Apoorva Parva Contest: Dance in the Ramayana

Apoorva Parva Contest: Dance in the Ramayana

The Ramayana has served as inspiration for many dancing cultures around the world, the ancient epic influencing the content of all the classical and folk dance forms of India, Indonesian forms like Balih-Balihan, Kecak, and also many Thai dance traditions.

This  Ramanavami, CSP in collaboration with Raadha Kalpa Dance Company and Heritage Trust invites you to celebrate the Gudiya Sambhrama festival by choosing themes from the Ramayana as inspiration for your dance choreography.

Eligibility: Anyone from any country can participate, as this is an online festival.


Ages 10 - 16 (Category A), Ages 17- 30 (Category B)


Submit your videos using the following google link: https://forms.gle/NSjBdZASiZ7Dzyhq9

Video guidelines:

- The video can be anywhere from 4 - 7 minutes long. (shorter or longer videos maybe submitted, but it will be the judges discretion whether to consider them or not)

- All necessary permissions for the music used must be procured by the participating artist. Any music that infringes on another artist’s copyright will be disqualified.

- The video must be taken in HD 1080p at 30 fps , in a well lit area. Outdoor videos with proper lighting are preferred.

- Music recorded in a home studio with good quality is acceptable.

- Video must be recorded in a landscape format

- Video must be submitted by uploading to Youtube and providing a private link.

- The video on Youtube must be named "Ramanavami dance submission_Name"

Supporting documents:

- Name of the choreographer, dancer, music composer and details of videographer and all other artists must be provided in a detailed orderly fashion.

- A 250 word explanation of the topic/ theme must be provided

- Instagram/ social media handles of artists involved must be provided.

By submitting the video you accept that CSP and the Heritage trust have the rights to showcase clippings of 30- 45 secs , with your permission, on their online platform as part of the festival, even if you are not one of the winners.

If you win either the first or the second prize, you automatically grant permission to CSP and Heritage trust to upload the full video with due credits on their social media platforms, including, but not limited to Youtube, facebook, instagram , Twitter.

Submission date: May  21, 2021, Sita Navami

All decisions are final and will be at the discretion of the Judges and organisers.

Prizes for each category

First Prize Rs 10,000

Second Prize Rs 7,500